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Astral Ragdoll Kittens

We expect Ragdoll Kittens 

We are dedicated ragdoll breeders, licensed and inspected in Virginia.  We have ragdoll kittens North Carolina, ragdoll kittens South Carolina,  Ragdoll kittens Virginia, Ragdoll kittens Georgia, Ragdoll kittens Florida, Ragdoll kittens Maryland, Ragdoll Kittens New York.  

Cassio Nic.gif

Cassiopeia and Nicolas had 2 Ragdoll Kittens!

They are both females named Amanda and Diana, both seal point mitted traditional, Amanda has simmetric blaze. 

Cassiopeia: Seal Point Mitted Traditional

Nicolas: Seal Point Bicolor Traditional. Poland. 

We will be posting weekly updates on our Facebook page as we watching them growing. Please, contact if you interested in our kittens, fill kittens application if you like to join our waiting list or reserve a kitten, and follow us at 

Perseph and Nic.gif

Expecting Ragdoll Kittens!

This would be the most anticipated litter of Ragdoll Kittens! Both first time parents, Persephone and Nicolas are discovering intimacy and getting to know each other. With no experience, this young couple fell in love and we hope it will result in a beautiful babies. 

Persephone: Blue point Bicolor Tortie. 

Nicolas: Seal point bicolor carrying dilute. Europian lines. 

In theory, they should have 1/2 Bicolour, 1/4 Colourpoint, 1/4 High White Bicolour Ragdoll kittens. 

Male Ragdoll kittens: Red carrying dilute, Seal carrying dilute, Cream, Blue.

Female Ragdoll kittens: Seal tortie carrying dilute, Seal carrying dilute, Blue, Blue tortie.

Kittens expected end of March. 

Please, contact to join our waiting list!

Mating Schedule.gif

Fiona and Baloo. Mated: February 18th. Due day: April 22, 2023. Ready: July 1st.

Alisa and Nicolas: Mating: April 2023. Due day: June 2023.

Ara and Nicolas: Mating: April 2023. Due: June 2023.

Lucy and Muse: Mating: May 2023. Due day: July 2023.

Nightwish and Baloo: Mating: May 2023. Due Day: July 2023.

Olena and Nicolas: Mating: June 2023. Due Day: August 2023.

Freezy and Muse: Mating: July 2023. Due Day September 2023.

Melania and Baloo: Mating: August 2023. Due Day: October 2023.

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