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Astral Ragdoll Kittens

We have Ragdoll Kittens!

We are dedicated ragdoll breeders, licensed and inspected in Virginia.  We have ragdoll kittens North Carolina, ragdoll kittens South Carolina,  Ragdoll kittens Virginia, Ragdoll kittens Georgia, Ragdoll kittens Florida, Ragdoll kittens Maryland, Ragdoll Kittens New York.  


Persephone and Nicolas


Meet Tulip! He is 10 weeks old blue bicolor boy. He is a kitten with special needs. His right paw was injured at birth or was not formed correctly, and he has no mobility in the ankle and knee joint. This not slowing him down. He is very energetic, playful kitten, he likes to jump and run. He carries his leg upward and uses it for balance. It actually functional. He was examined but 2 veterinarians, multiple x-rays were done, and at this time he requires no treatment. Tulip was the only kitten in the litter and his mother Persephone took great care of him. She looooved this baby, was staying with him in a den for full 4 weeks and fed him around the clock. He received a lot of attention and enjoyed it very much. But he had no siblings and did not get to play with other kittens. He is now looking for his family. He would be perfect for a good people who will be able to see his value beyond his disability and willing to give him quick massage for his paw and joints few times a day. Without frequent stretching his muscles make joint hyperextended. He is fully mobile, able to play and run and climb on the furniture and cat tree.  $300

Casandra and Armin

Casandra and Armin had 8 Ragdoll Kittens. We have 3 or 4 Ragdoll girls and 4 or 5 Ragdoll girls. Seal and blue bicolor. Girls are torties. Individual pictures will be posted soon. Please, contact for information. Price will be determined when we see color and markings. Tortie girls will be $2000, boys- most likely $1900. 

Mating Schedule.gif

Casandra and Armin: Had kittens on 6/1/24. We will post them soon. 

Malvina and Armin: Mated May 25, 2024.

Lucy and Muse: Mated May 27, 2024. 

Nightwish and Eros: Mating July 2024.

Alisa and Nicolas: Mating July 2024.

Raven and Armin: Mating August 2024. 

Olena and Nicolas: Mating August 2024.

Persephone and Nicolas: Mating November 2024. 

Rose and Eros: Mating September 2024

Ara and Nicolas: Ara having difficulties conceiving, so they will have to keep trying until they make it happen. 

Cassiopeia and Muse: Cassiopeia having difficulties conceiving, so they will have to keep trying until they make it happen. 

Contact waiting list.gif

Contact for more info and to join our free waiting list! 


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