Astral Ragdoll Kittens

All Ragdoll Kittens found their homes.

We are dedicated ragdoll breeders, licensed and inspected in Virginia.  We have ragdoll kittens North Carolina, ragdoll kittens South Carolina,  Ragdoll kittens Virginia, Ragdoll kittens Georgia, Ragdoll kittens Florida, Ragdoll kittens Maryland, Ragdoll Kittens New York.  

           Upcoming planned Matings:
         Baloo, our new Flame point Bicolor boy finally mated with Fiona! We don't know if Fiona is pregnant, but should have first signs in early October. We will let you know soon as we have any updates. 
   Please, Contact if you like to join our waiting list.
              It is free to join.