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    Astral Ragdolls

   Deposit Agreement

       This contract is written for the protection of both the Buyer and the Seller, and when signed become binding and legal.

This Agreement is between Astral Ragdolls Vladislava Synenko (Seller) and  (Buyer)

BREED:  Ragdoll  COLOR: ________  DOB ________     

NAME _Astral _PRICE _______ (Transaction Fees apply if paid by PayPal. Tax included).

SIRE _Musica of Astral______ DAM ____________________



On ____________, a deposit of $_______ has been received from the Buyer to be applied toward the purchase price of the above described cat/kitten. The balance due is to be paid by __ _____ . The buyer becomes the new owner of said cat/kitten upon seller’s receipt of Balance Due. Kitten will be ready to go to his/her new home between _____________. This is “Pick Up Window”. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to pick up the kitten at agreed location. Seller will not be responsible for delivery of kitten unless separate agreements are made. 

     The purpose of the deposit is to ensure the Buyer’s intent to purchase the above described cat/kitten. The above said cat/kitten is being held for the Buyer and will not be sold to any other buyer. The deposit will not be refunded if Buyer is unable, or decides not to take the kitten. The deposit may, however, be applied to another cat/kitten should the original kitten become unfit for sale. We try to place our cats/kittens in loving homes in a timely manner, so they may bond with their new family. If a cat/kitten is held specifically for a Buyer, a change of mind can jeopardize the chance for a particular kitten, that has been held back for the Buyer, to be placed in a home while still at a desirable age. For this reason, deposits are not refundable.

     Seller retains the right to cancel the sale and will refund the deposit to the Buyer if unforeseen circumstances arise or buyer deemed unfit for purchase.  Examples of “unfit for purchase” may include but not limited to animal abuse charges, hoarding, intent to resale a kitten or cat, or intent to breed a kitten sold as a pet. TICA Registration papers will be provided up on receipt of “Proof of Sterilization” (After a proof of spay/neuter from a reputable veterinarian is provided). Buyer agrees that kitten will be sterilized before 9 month of age and will not be used for breeding. If this kitten is used for breeding, it will result in $2000 fine and void of deposit and sale contract. The kitten will be eligible for 30 days of free pet insurance. The buyer agrees to activate insurance for free 30 days trial. Seller is not responsible for further insurance payments after initial 30 days period.

The cat/kitten will be cared for by the seller until the arranged shipping date or until buyer is able to take possession of the cat/kitten and is not to exceed pick up window indicated above. Should the Buyer request that the cat/kitten be held beyond the pick up window, a boarding charge of $10.00 per day will be accrued. Boarding charges are to be paid in full prior to release of said cat/kitten.

The balance is due with cash at a time of pick up or via PayPal before pick up. The PayPal fee of $6.10 should be applied to Deposit and $29 to Balance, paid by buyer. No transaction charges will be applied if paid in cash.

Seller’s Signature__________________________________ Date_________________________


Buyer’s Signature__________________________________

Date _________________________


Buyer’s Printed Name. email, phone, address:

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