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Malvina was born on 3/28/23 by Nicolas and Persephone. She was reserved early as a kitten, but as she was growing, we started noticing that she has great potential to become breeding cat because she had the most beautiful coat and eyes in her litter. When she turned 11 weeks old, she left with her new family and we wished her to have happy life. She returned to us less than 48 hours later because her family had unforeseen circumstances and they could not keep her. Malvina was so happy to see her brother and sisters again, and her mother Persephone was so happy to have her kitten back. We could not make her to leave us again, so we decided to keep her. And what a great decision! Malvina is just gorgeous! She has rich long fur with generous mane, big blue eyes and sweet personality.


Sire: Koci Eden PL* Nicolas of Astral
Seal Point Bicolor
Dam: Splendid Jams Persephone of Astral
Blue Point Tortie Bicolor 

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