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Vera, Seal point Mitted Traditional Ragdoll Girl

Vera, Seal point Mitted Traditional Ragdoll Girl

Vera, shown at 19 weeks old is seal point mitted traditional Ragdoll girl. Fluffy and perfectly marked, she developing her seal points and will have contrasting colors. Her eyes are big, striking and expressive. Her father was imported from Poland and has long history of outstanding quality cats in his line. Her mother Alisa has the most beautiful coat in our cattery. Vera is sweet and playful, and would make perfect companion for any family.

Mother: Astral Alisa

Father: PL* Koci Eden Nicolas of Astral

Please, DM or contact through website for more information.


Our kittens come with 3 vet exams, 3 rounds of core vaccines and Rabies vaccine, deworming, Revolution flee prevention, 1 year health guaranty, 1 month of free health insurance, samples of food and NuVet vitamins. Our cats are genetically tested for color and genetic health conditions to support our health guaranty.


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